DC Sketch Cover Madness: Batman No. 50…A South American Adventure!

Maybe this kind of thing is why Batman didn’t marry Catwoman…

I have no idea what their “South American Adventure” would even be. It didn’t seem all that important as everything came together. I’ve had the Batman No. 50 blank sketch cover for a while, and I’ve wanted to draw something on it. I wanted it to have some kind of action, and wanted to draw horses…and one thing led to another. It was the so-called “wedding issue” of Batman’s current series, so I felt like there should be some kind of implication of romance, so we wound up with this.

Those attractive women do seems excited to see Batman and Cap. I guess there could be some kind of romance on the adventure, but I’m not planning to draw the issue, so you’ll just have to work that out for yourselves.

A few weeks ago I had my students read a brief biographical article about Frida Kahlo, and we are halfway through the Latino Heritage Month, so those kinds of things are on my mind too, I think. The article was specific about Kahlo’s tendency to wear traditional, colorful Mexican clothing, and that stuck with me. It seemed like it would be more fun to draw that kind of thing than anything else today, and I leaned into it pretty hard. Obviously, Mexico isn’t in South America, but in my mind, Cap and Batman must be in Venezuela, or perhaps Argentina. I think that’s partially because at my school the overwhelming population is Mexican American, and there’s this pervasive feeling that all Latino culture in the U.S. is in fact Mexican American.

Eagle eyed readers will see that Batman is decked out like some sort of gaucho, and in fact he has some pretty complex riding gear on his horse. A lasso, a pretty complex saddle…the kinds of things we’d expect from a fully prepared Silver Age Batman. Cap, though, doesn’t even have a saddle. That’s on purpose. Heck, Cap usually doesn’t even ride horses of different kinds with any kind of bit, or reins, so the matching gear there is a big deal.

There’s not a whole lot to this today…I just wanted to draw on the cover, and am rambling now about the stream of consciousness while I did it. For those of you (and there are a few) that would like to see the pencils cropped from the cover’s trade dress, here it is:

Maybe they just came back from the mission, and like, saved a town?

The week was pretty busy, and there have been stressful Mega Politics that quite frankly, are more than a bit scary. As a result, some kind of weird, fun Silver Age Cover seemed to be The Thing I Needed Right Now.

I couldn’t even decide if that was a regular Silver Age Batman, or Pink Batman. If I were to color the piece (which I might, it’s pretty epic), I think it would be Pink Batman. Cap has a better relationship with Pink Batman, and could see her going on some “Brave and the Bold” style team up mission with him to Venezuela. It just seems to make sense.

That’s all for now, True Believers. Do something to add quality to your life today…it’s important.


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