The Struggle Is Real…!

That’s an Adult Beverage, True Believers.

I was driving home from work, during a brutal commute this week, and listening to the radio. I heard an advertisement for something…I can’t remember what. I think it might have been a television show. Regardless, a woman’s voice concluded the ad with this sentence, I believe referring to parenting:

“We just try to survive until a time of day where it’s appropriate to have wine.”

I laughed, and it stuck with me. It stuck with me how much of adult life is stress, is juggling, is trying to get to a point at the end of the day where you don’t have anything to struggle with. We spend vast amounts of time focused on the things that lack quality in our lives, ostensibly to get to the things that actually HAVE quality or value. We become committed to our coping mechanisms, as opposed to the things that we really set out for in the first place.

Ironically, it’s a sobering thing to think about.

I’m thinking about it a lot lately, since the administration of my school site has reorganized all of our meeting time…ALL of it, to deal with a problem of paperwork (that’s WASC). The things that really matter…course content, curriculum, intervention for students in trouble…it all is taking a back burner. All of the things that I actually signed up for.

In addition, my Union is pushing things to a crisis point, by continuing to reject mediation offers. Offers which aren’t bad or unfair. At my school site, with the number of junior teachers on campus, a strike isn’t even a workable concept. Those junior teachers will just immediately lose their federally funded positions, AND their student loan forgiveness. Given that about twenty percent of our staff is in that position…but the teachers don’t realize that…serious confrontations are going to take place between adults, over things that they can’t control.

Report cards are coming up again, the commute has been rough lately…but these are Adult Issues. These are the things that no one in school ever explains about the “real world” despite classes entitled, “College and Career Readiness.” I feel like I should say something to the students, clue them in…at least in Homeroom, which is actually called “College and Career Readiness.” That seems cruel, though…taking away the bubble of unreality, and revealing the proverbial Man Behind The Curtain.

At least Cap has her college roommates to hang around with. Iceman seems pretty excited about the whole thing.

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