The World Is Hollow; I Have Touched The Sky.

Cap still doesn’t fly too well…

In this case, I’m kind of hoping it’s because she doesn’t really know the way.

Cap’s trying to follow that other guy, who clearly knows his direction. He has a vision, he has ideals, and he stands for something. I’d like to think that he’s a metaphor for my students’ inner selves, given the power to fly free, and the freedom to express themselves with our current publishing project. Sure, she may have to keep an eye on him, as a more experienced superhero…but given the ability to fend for himself, he should do pretty well on his own.

That heavy handed metaphor is how I feel about my students, pretty much all the time. Most of them have dreams that are as big as the sky, but much like someone living in a city like Kandor, sadly bounded by the fact that their sky ends in a bottle. This week I’ll be attempting to finish out our publishing project, and trying to have them show me there the limits of their dreams might be.

I only hope that those dreams and aspirations are outside the bottle, as it were.


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