The Need To Get Back To Basics.

Those things have pilots, so you really have to wonder…

Today was…a day. A Professional Development Shortened Day Schedule, followed by meetings that were pretty much just…procedural. Nothing new, nothing interesting. At times, our principal thought that he was being innovative and interesting, but in reality, he was just reciting things that he saw on a bar graph, which was reproduced via a Power Point presentation.

I’m making progress with the “book project” though…which is positive. slower progress than I would like, but progress nonetheless. In theory, over the next two days major volumes of student work and submissions will start to come in. That’s the hope. Apparently, cover art is in process, and things are moving smoothly toward completion.

Much of the theoretically “interesting” part of the Dark Lord’s presentation was about the idea of the “task informing the level of rigor.” It only makes me want this project to work so much more. If the “task” of creating an anthology of work in hardcover form is not rigorous enough for a group of High School students, I don’t know what the district wants from me any more. Being able to drop a copy of that on a desk, and ask “Is that rigorous enough?” is literally the mental image that keeps me progressing through the days.

The Galactic Empire (or District Headquarters, if you will) just isn’t all that creative or interesting. It seemed like this was a pretty excellent kind of “back to basics” image. Imperials tend to love bureaucracy, checklists, and protocol, much like District Suits and the Dark Lords and Darths that they employ. Creative or lateral thinking likes to just crash through those kinds of restrictions…

…much like Cap likes to crash through TIE fighters and Sentinels.

She straight up LOVES smashing through TIE fighters. You can tell, because she’s smiling.

I actually liked the non-backgrounded version better, hence posting it first.

Friday is the deadline for the “Book Project.” Either I get to crash through the restrictions and preconceptions of the District (and my own school’s Edu-Lords) like Cap through a TIE fighter…or I run up against student apathy like a bug on a windshield. For me, it is a really big gamble, because not just a project is at stake, but instead, my whole motivation for work, and what I do.

No big deal, right? These kinds of crises of confidence have to be cyclical.


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