Interlude: Halloween Comicfest 2018!

Halloween Time Pony is back!

On Saturday, Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City had its annual Halloween Comic Fest. In many ways, it is like a mini “Free Comic Book Day,” with giveaways of comics and candy for kids. That alone is compelling enough for a local comic shop, but Pulp Fiction also had a number of other things going on.

There were two comics’ creation classes, one for adults and one for kids, with Jim Higgins as the teacher. Jim has been in comic for a long time, and at one point was an editor at DC comics, so that’s a pretty neat opportunity. In addition, a pair of local comics creators were there doing signings and selling their products, including a new publisher, Fractured Scary Tales. That firm mostly publishes horror themed comics, with a range of editorial taste from “kid friendly” to decidedly adult taste.

Fractured Scary Tales has a pretty well executed product for a local publisher, and quite frankly I’m amazed that they aren’t featured by Diamond for national distribution. I don’t know of any place locally besides Pulp Fiction where you can pick up their wares, so that warrants a trip to the shop if you’re a horror fan. If you aren’t in LA as you’re reading this, both times that I mentioned the publisher were a hot link. Just click on it, and you can purchase directly from them. The art is solid, and they are the only firm that I know of that is pretty much horror exclusive.

In addition to that, Pulp Fiction Culver City itself has an entire new (and perpetual) horror section. It is well curated, and features a diversity of horror themed items, not just comics and graphic novels. It’s the only shop that I know of in Los Angeles with that kind of dedicated horror genre area, and if you are an enthusiast, I can only highly recommend checking it out.

It was a nice day, all in all. Many of the free comics will be available today (Sunday) as well, so don’t miss out, if you are looking for some of those items. There’s a new Junji Ito book…both a free comic book day offering, and a hardcover. Junji Ito scares the @#$% out of me, but his draftsmanship is to die for.

Obviously, today’s post is all about this. We have Halloween Time Pony again (yay!) with her weird pumpkin hat, as well as Betty and Veronica hanging out with Cap and sharing a milkshake. Unlike the Archie Horror books that are too adult for me to read, this is good wholesome fun, True Believers.

This was a much needed weekend. With luck, your weekend was solid as well.

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