Unexpected Clobberings.

Hmm…things could be going better for Cap.

It has been a long, rough week, as suggested by the quick sketch above. It has a been a while since we have seen Cap’s friend, and she doesn’t look all that thrilled to see Cap.

This is more a quick sketch about the trouble of maintaining one’s “outside of school” life while being a dedicated teacher. Never missing a day, coming in early and leaving late…it puts some real restrictions on your schedule. It’s tough to maintain the kind of social life that normal people do, with nine to five jobs…the hours are just different. That can get complicated, and it can take a bit of a toll on those important relationships.

It’s also hard to understand (after so many years) what normal jobs are like. Most people don’t have my insanely good benefits, and definitely don’t have the kind of job security that a tenured teacher has. There are points when I am talking with people outside of teaching and I just…struggle to understand their workplace. In turn, they often struggle to understand the day to day realities of teaching.

I also had a whole lot of thought going on about Marvel comics, and Stan Lee…Stan’s passing is still weighing heavily on my mind. In the Fantastic four, Ben and Johnny fight with each other constantly, even with their Armageddon like powers…because they don’t really “get” what it is to walk in the other’s shoes, so to speak. They are the best of friends, but that separation of experience has them constantly squabbling and wrecking parts of New York.

I squabble with my non teaching friends often enough, and them with me. Mostly over a failure to understand how the “other half” lives. That’s all that this is about, and it was fun to draw.


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