Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Two-In-One…Cap and the X-Men!

Cap is concerned about the right things here.

On my first day of Thanksgiving break, I have been playing a whole lot of Marvel Puzzle Quest. I’m currently pretty highly ranked in the “Category-5” event, which revolves around using Storm of the X-Men. Given Stan Lee’s passing this week, it seemed smart to haul out another blank Marvel sketch cover, and draw something about the X-Men.

For ages, the X-Men was simply my favorite Marvel comic. Starting in the late 1970s, actually. Every month, there was a near religious trip to go get the next issue, the all important next part of the story. The X-Men was full of melodrama, and all of the characters were outsiders. It tackled big issues like racism, discrimination, and just outright bullying someone because they were different than you. There was no other comic book like it, and it blew me away.

I have pretty strong feelings about the X-Men, and as a result, sometimes find the current comics hard to approach. I’ve gotten older, and the characters have changed, and changed again. There’s a real attempt to get back to the “feeling” of those X-Men books that die hards like me enjoyed so much…but it stays just out of reach.

All of that said, it was a lot of fun to draw the characters that I love so much.

Let’s look at the art, cropped from the cover, and before I added dialogue. That’s always fun, and some of you people really like the “process” stuff.

No, @#$% you, Count Nefaria.

Really important here…the art homages the cover of X-Men No. 94, which really starts off the run of the book that everyone knows and loves. Before that, the X-men had actually been cancelled.

The bad guy in the background isn’t a vampire, although he really does have that whole “Dracula” thing going. He’s way better than a vampire. Follow me here down the Road of Awesomeness, from when comic books were straight up OBLIGATED to be fun. Are you ready?

He is an Italian Aristocrat who is also a Mafia Lord, that attempts to take over NORAD. He does that after (a while back) beating the @#$% out of the AVENGERS.

That’s right True Believers. In the Age of the Marvel Bullpen, the House of Ideas, and Stan Lee editorial, the idea of a Mafia Lord taking over NORAD using a crowd of evolved animal people wasn’t a pitch that you tossed out the window. It was a pitch that you put into print, as fast as you could.

The X-Men here are people that would be friends with Cap. We’ve already seen her hanging around with Nightcrawler and Storm, and I think Colossus would like her enough, while also being uneasy around her. Cap’s WAY to forward for her, and she does have sort of Cold War Era views about Communism.

The situation there is pretty bad. Colossus and Cap can probably take the fall, and Storm can fly…but Nightcrawler is in serious trouble. His teleportation doesn’t help him at all, since his speed has to be preserved, and he’s already falling. I guess Cap could catch him, because she can fly, but we know she’s bad at it. Storm could always give a wind assist…but yeah, poor Kurt has a problem here.

Not as bad as Cap losing her Pork Chop Sandwiches, though. I’m imagining that they were in some kind of sack on the seat next to her in the blackbird, when Nefaria shot surface to Air Missiles at the plane. and yes, being completely clear…not only does the Mafia Man with a Monocle have hyper evolved animal henchmen….he also has surface to air missiles that can hit a stealth plane in flight. Why wouldn’t he?

Obviously, this post isn’t about all that much except for a weird team up with the X-Men. It was super fun to draw, and I hope you liked it.



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