“We Have to Fight the X-Men!?”

Maybe they should be concentrating on that giant faceless android…

Cap would necessarily be upset about this…the X-Men are her friends. Well…maybe not all of them, but a decent number of them. Iceman was one of her college roommates, after all. That Awesome Android is huge enough to hold both teams, so really…she SHOULD focus her efforts on that thing.

There’s not a whole lot for me to say here. It was more an exercise in doing retro, Kirby inspired Silver Age Marvel Artwork. I also wanted to have some action, the last few days of Adequacy have been about ACTION. For reasons that I can’t explain, I also chose to hand letter the “Fantastic Four” trade dress lettering logo from the sixties….and I hate hand lettering.

I think maybe I’m just trying to be closer to Stan and Jack, who are both now gone. It’s a coping strategy, maybe, now that I’m on vacation.

Getting back to that Awesome Android (“Andy” if you will), he is LEGIT. Andy possesses the unique ability to mimic certain characteristics or attributes of those he makes physical contact with. For example, he’s taken on the rock-like hide of the Thing, the ice coating of Iceman’s body, or Captain America’s physique. He is HOLDING two out of three of those dudes. He can only mimic a single attribute at a time though, and can retain the attribute for up to an hour. Andy also possesses variable superhuman attributes of his own without the need to mimic those of others.

Andy is superhumanly strong and the limits of his strength can vary greatly. For example, if he were to make contact with beings such as Thor, his strength would be increased to the point of being able to lift far in excess of 100 tons for approximately 1 hour (because of the power that we mentioned in that paragraph above). His normal level of strength, however, is significantly less. Under normal circumstances, Andy can lift about about 25 tons. So in this case, Cap has to avoid a whole lot of direct contact, given her A-List Alien American Strength.

Those are some legit superpowers.

Despite that, we have the FF and the X-Men squabbling about some nonsense. I’m willing to say some kind of crack about sue’s haircut. We have to settle THAT dispute, before we can cope with Andy at all. That’s the Rule Of Superhero Meetings.

Here’s how that rule goes:

  • Two superheroes, or teams of heroes, meet.
  • There is an immediate misunderstanding. It can happen a lot of ways, but it’s usually no big deal.
  • The heroes fight. A lot.
  • Something makes them realize that this is stupid.
  • They FINALLY team up against the villain who is the antagonist of the story.
  • After a brief struggle with some tight moments, the heroes win.

That’s the formula people. So I guess we are in the point where they need to realize that Andy is the bigger issue here, even if Sue (at least in the 1960s) was “concerned about mutants.” Nice, lady.

I really want to be clear about this, because I’m usually pretty @#$%ing rough on Sue Storm. The art for today is homaging Fantastic Four No. 28 (from 1964). In that issue, Sue Storm’s concern over the X-Men being mutants covers the overall underlying theme of prejudice that has been synonymous with the X-Men title FOR DECADES. Actual prejudice towards mutants was always implied in early issues of the X-Men, but were not fully explored until later on in X-Men No 8.

So Sue is kind of paving the road for prejudice toward mutants here. One again, nice, lady. Real nice. I wish I could claim that this was a big part of why Sue’s character has never worked for me, but it isn’t. It’s just the icing on the proverbial (and unlikable) cake.

Anyway…this was super fun to draw. Hope that your Tuesday is as good as mine.



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