Legacy Rideshare.

The perspective was the whole point here, as well as the character postures.

Some dialogue to go with this…

Cap: “Should I just fly up there, and punch that ship out of the sky? Or throw it at the ground?”

Teferi: “No, Cap. That’s a bad idea.”

Cap: “Why?”

Teferi: “Because that’s the Weatherlight…your ride to GP Los Angeles.”

Cap: “Good point. I’ll go get Pony, and Sherbet Angler.”


I’m a day away from waking up early on a Saturday, going to the Los Angeles Convention Center, and playing in a tournament that is WAY out of my league. The deck is built, my special bag is packed, I have all the little doodads related to the game in special little boxes (including a pony), and I’m working on a loose itinerary.

Step One is to fine Pete Venters, and square away with him for the commissioned art (which hopefully got done, and will be posted here soon). Mr. Venters is one of my favorite Magic: The Gathering artists, and has been an absolute joy to email back and forth with over the art commission. I have a special portfolio in my fancy bag specifically for that piece.

He had kind comments about Adequacy, and Cap, which was also super excellent.

Step Two is to find RK Post in artists’ alley. He should also have been working on a commission, and he’s another real favorite of mine. His art on cards like “Swat” and “Avatar of Woe” sort of defines a “look and feel for a time period in the game, and in fantasy as a genre. The idea that he’ll be drawing a piece for me is…well, pretty great. I’ve been in touch there as well, and he has been very friendly.

Step Three…find Tom Baxa, who drew one of the favorite pieces of card art IN THE DECK I’M PLAYING. Right? I want to buy an artist proof of it (and probably another artist proof card), explain the idea of Adequacy, and hopefully have him do some MTG themed Adequacy sketches in ink on the artist’s proofs. Fingers crossed on that…since I haven’t reached out to him yet. That will be a “day of” kind of thing.

Step Four…find Mark Poole, who sent me a kind e-mail when I reached out. He actually drew one of the Power Nine (the most expensive cards in the game), and several cards that I love. I have two put aside…he actually does “card alters,” where he draws on the actual Magic card. That’s another where I’ll have to explain the basic idea of Adequacy, and get him to alter “Howl from Beyond” and another card to be Adequacy compliant. fingers crossed.

Step Five…and the last artist I really want to attempt to commission to draw something (if possible) is Mark Tedin. He has done a large number of cvards over the course of the twenty six years of the game, and again, some really defining ones that I’ve enjoyed playing with.

In order to plan for the artists I haven’t reached out to, I’m going to have to print up an sort of “Adequacy Style Guide” giving ideas on what the @#$% goes on in the strip, and advising that of course, they should use the settings of MTG as much as they want. Heck, I do. I also want to make more of the Sherbet Angler Proxies, both as a reference and to get signed.

Other missions involve finding the Professor from Tolarian Community College, and saying hello, shaking his hand. Maybe get a photo op with him, but definitely let him know that he is my students’ hero. Perfect world, he signs a Sherbet Angler.

I’d like to meet Vince, also known as PleasantKenobi on the internet. He’s a clever Magic commentator, and seems like a pretty mice person. He’s flying in from the UK, so definitely a photo op if possible, and a signed Angler if he’s cool with that.

And then…there are the vendors. There are Magic: The Gathering vendors there, with all manner of game related products. I’ve been saving up for the day, there’s just SO much stuff. There is literally an official, Wizards of the Coast sponsored Magic Pro Shop, with all sorts of swag, like an MTG Pro Tour Pin, t-shirts, hats, hoodies…you know, LOOT. I am excited.

That’s why we need to get in super early…with all that stuff to do, we still need to play our event at noon. You know…the intimidating Pro Tour Qualifier. No stress at all.

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