Fashion Victim.

That outfit is a total @#$%& to draw, but kind of worth it.

There’s a good chance of it sticking around, at least through the WASC visit. The spikey costume, I mean.

This sketch was done as I got through Thursday. Grades were finalized, my co-teacher’s observation was finally done, and we started our next short unit. It was a productive day, and more or less the kind of basic “business of school” that I expect to be doing on a regular basis. The kind of thing that if WASC people were to observe, everything would be Just Fine.

I actually had a pretty fine day of school, and the shadow of this WASC visit and all of the silly paperwork attached to it is kind of casting a bad shadow over it.

Today, in fact, I have a parade of people coming into my classroom, that are there to be the Peer WASC Reviewers. The exact purpose of this, in any real sense eludes me, but it also means that I’ll have to go to my good friend’s class to “observe” during my conference period. I’m told it is so that we can get an idea of what the WASC Reviewers want to see, but in reality…I can’t see how that should be a concern. Either I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, or I’m not.

“Shaping up” for a week long visit seems…dangerously phony. What happens after that week, if the whole thing was a sudden “shape up?” Does school become a New Years’ Diet Plan, in a metaphorical sense…quickly forgotten, and back to old habits? That would Not Be Good.

That’s part of why Cap has her new spikey, mean outfit right now. I’m feeling pretty spikey about the whole thing, pretty unhappy that the WASC visit that has consumed so many hours of my life in terms of meetings might just be…kind of a sham. I’ve done “book reports” on this site about WASC before, and what it is…and there’s clearly a lot of money involved in school accreditation. A whole lot. I’m not suggesting that the process is anything other than what it is, except that at the end of the day…

…it should see, and JUDGE, what’s actually happening on campus. That’s all.

Still…today was a good day. It’s why (even with the spikey suit) Cap is smiling a bit, and hanging out with Teferi, commenting on her new outfit. I wanted a positive tone because that’s how real time in class was today. Very positive, with solid, intellectual discussion and discourse.

Art wise, I like that Cap and Teferi are friends. I don’t know where the idea came from in the strip, he’s only appeared twice before. He’s a very different character than she is, being good natured, humorous, and intellectual. Given all of that, I still get the feeling that the two are friends, and that is much, much clearer from today’s sketch than it has ever been before. Teferi is cultured and clever, and Cap just kind of…gets her hands dirty and chucks stuff into the sun. Kind of an Odd Couple.

The expressions and postures are what made it fun to draw, as well as the commentary on Cap’s ensemble. She didn’t really get a “planeswalker makeover” from Pete Venters as I had been hoping, but the current suit has a lot of fantasy aspects to it that make it satisfying when it’s done. I can’t decide where it’s kind of a Jund thing (which I had felt like) or more of an Old Phyrexia callback.

It is a @#$%& to draw, though.


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