Amplified NOW! (With Color.)

Because YOU demanded it…COLOR–!

It’s really fun to make captions like the Old School Comics “Because YOU Demanded it!” kind of things. It’s actually accurate, although it was more of an encouraging than a demand. Once again, I used the new gel pens that my friend got me…they scanned much closer to the image as it actually appears on paper. The whole thing is done at a background and foreground layer (separate pieces) and merged at different levels of opacity, to provide foreground focus.

So that was a lot to do.

It gradually came together on Friday, between classes or as students were doing work, with a generous amount of my conference period thrown in. Those gel pens are a real @#$% to work with, but I think I’m starting to get the hand of them. They don’t really blend at all, which means a different technique than I use with markers, and I was just starting to feel confident with THOSE. They do smear, which I need to be super careful about.

Of course, any color has to be inked first…that was a step that I did earlier in the week. Inking is surprisingly hard, and it really helps to have several different black pens at your disposal. If you’ve never inked anything before, it’s hard to understand why that is…it really has to do with line weight, and whether you want to do crosshatching or not.

The new color pens kind of demand a lot of crosshatching, in color, which is hard to navigate. I think the overall effect came out well here. It definitely lent well to the chaotic, cosmic background that Cap is observing, while preparing to smack people around with an indestructible Eternal Titan Baby.

There’s not much more to today beside an exploration of the color, and presentation of it. I’m almost definitely going to continue using these pens, which means more color pieces. Given the requests for color, that should make you guys happy.

As a final note…you’ll note the return of Cap’s Alien Skull Logo on this suit, as well as the fact that it’s in Jund colors. Little bits of trivia for both long time and short term readers.



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