Problems With Authority, Poor Impulse Control.

She has just plain had enough of that guy.

Often, I draw how I feel, in a very real metaphorical sense. We are one week out from WASC at school, and WASC is absolutely all any of the suits talk about. Many of the teachers are yammering about it constantly now, and I am guaranteed at least three hours of WASC related meetings this week. I’m frustrated with this, because quite honestly, I just want to teach my class, and produce worthwhile and meaningful learning experiences.

The other day, the administration had teachers go to observe each other, with some kind of WASC checklist in play. I had a parade of people come to my class, which was just fine…I like it when other teachers come by, and I include them in the discussion. My own “observation” was set up to be in a friend’s classroom, a teacher that I have a lot of respect for.

She was absent, so I did not do the observation.

I’m expecting to “hear about it” somehow today. At that point, I’d be as frustrated as Cap is above, but without the headbutt.

That was hard to draw. Check out Cap’s right hand…she has grabbed that guy’s belt, and is simultaneously pulling him into the headbutt as she smacks him with her nigh invulnerable skull. That’s just MEAN. The postures, as always were the compelling part here, as well as facial expressions. Oddly, the geometry on Cap’s current spikey suit was surprisingly easy. Go figure.

Who is that guy? Good question. In “Magic: The Gathering’s” Ravnica setting, there are ten guilds, that run the society. One of them is Azorius…they are the blue/white guild and they both make the laws, run the bureaucracy, and enforce those laws. They are always heavily armored, and those scrolls carry, well, rules in them. Tons of magical rules. They make up new ones all the time.

You see where he’s the perfect metaphorical guy to headbutt? He probably just reminded Cap that she had something WASC related to do.

A question asked while I was drawing this was, “Can that guy take that hit?” It’s a good question, he just looks like some kind of super-knight, and Cap can easily lift mountains. I looked through the Azorius deck that I just built for school, out of Ravnica Allegiance cards, and the toughness levels for the average guy are pretty high. They tend to weigh in at three to five…and a three toughness is where cards that are “walls” start…and five tends to be pretty big. Gurmag Angler, which is a whale sided fish has a toughness of five, as do many dragons.

So…that guy is probably tough enough to take a lightning bolt on the chin (3 damage) or an average dragon bite (4 damage). With that kind of durability, he can probably take the headbutt, but he’d be hating it.

Kind of how I feel about this coming week. Unlike Cap, I’m not really able to act on my displeasure.

Art, however, gives an outlet for catharsis. Thank you, art.

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