Eternalize This!

Damn. She definitely DOES NOT WANT to workshop ideas.

Eternalize, by the way, is the name of a Magic: The Gathering game mechanic from the “Amonkhet” block. I really wanted it to be better than it was, hence the reference to it in the title of the post. It’s a double entendre, since any Thanos, even a Baby Thanos, is an Eternal from the world of Titan.

It was tough envisioning throwing an indestructible Thanos Baby on a chain at a polo shirt wearing Suit. It definitely felt better to give the savage Thanos Baby a broken bottle, because that makes it seem worse. Honestly, it doesn’t…in fact, it would be far worse for Cap to just throw an indestructible toddler, and :Infinity Infant” if you will, at near the speed of light with her Alien American Strength. Thanos Baby will be just fine…that’s what indestructible means, after all.

That guy in the polo shirt, who probably said something about “Workshopping a solution with synergy for a win-win scenario?” Oh, he’d be @#$%ed.

He might be more frightened by a slower moving baby with a broken bottle. I feel like that’s what Cap’s goal is here…to just do the Absolute Worst Thing that she can do, to send a kind of ugly message of defiance. It’s kind of how I feel, except I’m much less crazy about it. I’m doing smaller acts of defiance, like not really contributing, just sort of tuning out the suits in all of these countless meetings. Not really contributing my opinion, because as one reader of this strip said years ago…”An opinion loses value the more that you share it.”

In many metaphorical ways, that’s far more rough than throwing around an Eternal Titan on a chain.

We are a few days out from WASC being done, and at the time of THIS writing, I only know that I will be sitting through three hours of meetings about the WASC visit today. Most of that time will be spent attempting to brief staff in a CYA, or “Cover Your Ass” capacity. The WASC people will be on campus for a week, and in this week assemblies are being had with students, posters being put up, and students being briefed on things to say. Just as much as teachers are being briefed.

For someone like myself, who feels like you should be judged by what you do, and how well that thing is done, this is all more than a little hypocritical to me.

I feel like I’m doing the best possible contribution by doing my job as well as it can be done. The door is open, and any one of these visitors, even groups of them, can just come and see. I’ll be teaching district and state authorized lessons, aligned to all of the standards. I won’t be sitting still, my co-teacher and I will be doing our usual work directly with the students. If that’s not enough, if some kind of Suit Meeting is needed…then I’m not well suited to it.


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