Final Preparations For WASC….

Cap has already taken the new outfit and kind of janked it up…

There’s not that much to today’s post. Wednesday was an odd day, with sort of “suicide overdrive” style planning on the part of the administration. In many ways, poor planning due to WASC became MY problem somehow, taking up a huge amount of my time.

First out of the gate, my co teacher had an unexpected meeting for a special education student. This had me “flying solo for my first three classes…which isn’t a problem, but it’s good to be aware of. I actually had a few things that I had wanted him to do before school started, and that was…a non starter.

Secondly…in preparation for WASC, the principal wanted to have an assembly with the homeroom students in grade ten…which we basically heard about the morning that it was happening. It’s homeroom, so not really a HUGE deal, but definitely the kind of thing that I want to know about, and be aware of. I need to be able to plan around things.

Third…because of WASC taking up all kinds of important meeting time, we needed to have period by period meetings on our conference periods, in order to do things that should be done in faculty meetings. That was an hour of my life that I would have used differently, say….preparing for Parent Conference Night, which is tonight.

You see, really, how the day went. That kind of thing. All day.

We also got an e-mail with a Powerpoint to show to homeroom. In it, there are various “Spirit Days” planned for WASC week, because we are DEFINITELY putting on some kind of show for these people. The first day is “dress for success” day, where teachers and students alike are reminded that WASC is a “Formal Proceeding,” and that we should dress accordingly. It’s suggested that teachers (and students) wear business attire.

Um…no. Honestly, that’s pretty contractually inappropriate, and I can’t think of anything more phony.

It did influence Cap’s more shabby appearance here. Now the spikey jacket is unzipped, she’s not wearing the whole uniform, and looks generally the worse for wear.

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