WASC Is Here! (Part Two: An Unexpected Visit)

“Cover us while we wait for the elevator, Ajani…!”

So, the first day of the Official On Campus WASC Visit passed uneventfully for me. One of my teacher friends had visitors, for about ten minutes, but I didn’t see anyone all the way out in the Badlands. It’s entirely possible that they don’t know where my classroom is. It is also very possible that they will becoming today, since they are supposed to see every single classroom… for about ten minutes or so.

When I arrived at school…slightly earlier than usual…the band was playing. At like, seven AM, in full uniform. In addition, cheer was doing their thing, also at seven. I think that the intention was to make it seem like this was how an “average Monday” at our Edu-Mountain goes, with the band greeting students and cheerleaders doing cartwheels. I can’t imagine that anyone BELIEVED that, however.

With the prior day’s WASCapalooza, and then today’s “Welcome to Monday” antics, I was pretty uncomfortable. Once again…I feel like the intellectual level of discourse in my class should be The Thing that WASC Cares About. It shouldn’t be about whether we have the band to greet them at seven on a Monday morning.

Then again, I’m not the principal.

As it is…I am still mildly tense about the idea of visitors, despite the lack of respect that I have for the way that the school is handling things. I run a “tight ship” in my classroom, and these WASC people are typical Suits. They wander in in the most disruptive ways possible, and basically commandeer portions of your class. I have things to get done to produce student research papers by the end of the week, and don’t want to talk over them as they explore my classroom and kibbutz with students. My personality can be as spikey as Cap’s current costume, so honestly, I’m also tense about moderating THAT.

I have a weird kind of faith that they will just stroll into my room at exactly the kind of moment that would make me grind everything to a halt to say something snarky, and that’s not what I want to portray. I’m NOT about having a fake “Spirit Week” just because we have Important Guests, but I do want to put the best foot forward for what goes on in my class. Really, that IS what’s important to me, and I can be my own worst enemy.

Today is not “dress for success,” but instead a “school pride” day where we are encouraged to wear the school colors, or school logo items. I support my students’ activities, so I have acquired a bunch of school shirts and such that I never wear. I’ve never been that good at school spirit, and I don’t think I’m any better at it this week.

Cap’s sharp sword item today is a nod to “school pride day.” It’s the kind of thing that our warrior mascot would have carried, and as she makes her way through those shabby looking corridors trying to avoid WASC related encounters, she is certainly to have grubbed one of them up from more “team oriented” people than her.

I also like Ajani’s beanie and hipster glasses. I guess he got them from the student store, but with what money? The Edu-Mountain accepts whatever currency he’d have leftover from Dominaria? Still, he’s trying to blend in, despite being a seven foot tall albino lion man.

Good for you, Ajani.

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