WASC Is Here! (Part Three: Last Minute Inspection)

“@#$%–! They found us!”

During period six on Tuesday, a WASC committee member just strolled into my class with a soda, which annoyed the living @#$% out of me. So impolite.

Even with the door open…you just stroll the @#$% in? If the door to your house were open for some reason, would you be cool with me just wandering into the kitchen, unannounced? I think not.

As a result, I willfully ignored my WASC guest for some time. In fact, an uncomfortable amount of time, until they asked me a question. Despite the fact that the situation was founded in their rudeness, I’m a stickler for ceremony, so I was forced to answer. That started an awkward and frosty conversation.

Frosty from my side, to be sure. It’s always hard to tell the emotions of Suits.

I diligently offered questions as asked, with very little embellishment. I’m not out to get the school in trouble, I just want to be left alone. Most of the questions were filled with buzzwords and “flavor of the month” questions about the educational process, which I answered quickly and succinctly. In all honesty, such a visit could have gone worse.

After school, I was supposed to go to a meeting about the School Culture, and express to the WASC people everything that I knew about that from the material that we sent to them. My co teacher’s car wouldn’t start, so like any good super hero, I spent the time that I could be in an after hours meeting pushing a Toyota five city blocks to the nearest mechanic.

What you DO is what’s important. That’s what I tell my students…”Deeds, not words.” Sure, that comes from a terrible eighties movie, but it’s not wrong.

A whole lot of nonsense happened at once today, so that’s what’s happening in the art. Who the @#$% knows what happened to Ajani…he’s certainly not backing Cap up here. Probably planeswalked away, the @#$%. Angry bird lady, random laser, and @#$%ing MODOK. Or WASCDOK, as the case may be, its all about acronyms. Cap has a lot to deal with here in this corporate lobby.

If she had a Toyota, she could just throw it at the WASCDOK. Smart.

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