WASC Is Over!

Cap’s questioning it, but she’s glad too.

WASC is over. The visitors are leaving.

They will not be here today, the day of this post. That’s why that little alicorn pony is losing its mind celebrating, and Ugin the dragon is wearing a party hat. Even Cap is happy, and that’s not a frequent occurrence.

At this point, we should be clear about a few things. WASC has completed their visit, and they seemed relatively satisfied. The last few days have seemed kind of phony to me, but that’s a fairly typical ruling from my perspective. I don’t like anything going differently from the ordinary, especially if a judgment will come from it.

With that said…I also believe that our school, in terms of academics, does a good job most of the time. There are problem issues, but the same is true of any school.

The idea that this is over, and things can go back to a kind of normal….that’s what I’m excited about. That’s what that alicorn pony is losing it’s mind celebrating, and what Ugin is wearing a @#$%ing party hat about. It’s why Cap is smiling.

I’d like to get away from this, and back to teaching. I’d like for meetings to be about students, instead of bureaucracy. Maybe…just maybe…that can happen now.

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