No Rest For The Wicked (Only Coffee).

If not “War of the Spark,” it might be needed in our school tournament.

Thursday I was struggling with a migraine all day long. I woke up with it, possibly set off by something that I ate. Given that, it was a quiet day at school, and this will be a short post, as I am still recovering.

In terms of that quiet, I thought of things that bring quality to my day to day. In this case, I’m obviously referencing my Magic: The Gathering Club at school, as well as our enthusiasm for the upcoming “War of the Spark.” At the same time, I get to take a cheap shot at Jace, who is pretty much one of MTG’s mascots, which is always fun.

The current “Standard” gaming environment for Magic has a new “Weatherlight” card that came out with the Dominaria set, and honestly, it’s quite good. Very good for the format that we will have in Standard, which will be filled with Legendary cards, and with planeswalkers. I make pretty good use of my original “Skyship Weatherlight,” but I think I make have to get a couple of copies of the newer Weatherlight as well. Seems like a good card for Standard, at least for a while.

Doing this quick strip did make me wonder something, that I’ve actually wondered about for a while. I’m sure that it’s covered in the Magic Storyline, but I have never paid enough attention to really notice. You see, the Weatherlight is like the Starship Enterprise…it doesn’t LAND. The Enterprise has shuttlecraft and a transporter beam, though.

How the @#$% do people get on and off the Weatherlight?

Obviously, Cap is suggesting the easy way for her…she can just fly to it. Jace CAN’T though…in fact, most of the characters in the game CAN’T. What’s the boarding and disembarking procedure, then? It has to be covered in the story, and I will probably find a way to look it up.

Jace is obviously unhappy about having to fly with Cap. That’s because even though she’s getting better at it, she still isn’t very good at it. You wouldn’t want to fly with someone who lands poorly, and often crashes into things, either. In this instance, Jace is not being a baby at all. His illusion generating magical powers and telepathy just don’t cushion a bad landing that much.

At school on Thursday I gave my Old Weatherlight and Original Karn a workout, along with Hanna, Ship’s Navigator and Winter Orb. That deck is just plain mean spirited, and it was really fun to play against the club. The cards are so old and out of touch with the current gaming environment that each one needed to be passed around the table, inspected, read, and kind of celebrated, even.

The high point of my day.

That’s the key to bad days, I think. Finding quality in them, and working on that. Board your metaphorical Weatherlights, True Believers, and take a moment out of today for some quality.


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