We Should Turn Left At The Simic Guildgate?

I think that they are maybe plotting a course for the Weatherlight?

Maybe Cap is drawing, but I doubt it. She doesn’t strike me as taking the time to sit down and draw. Mostly, this is a kind of nonsense sketch, and I like it a lot. The characters are expressive, and it is a real turn from the mega-action that I have been drawing lately.

Sometimes, Cap has to take off the spikey suit and spend some quality time with friends. I think they ARE plotting a course for the Weatherlight, mainly because Cap’s friend Tamiyo is also in that deck, and I played it again at school on Friday. Why Tamiyo has a Jace plushie is beyond me…I think she might be kind of into him. They are having a good time and eating some kind of chocolate bar…that’s all that matters.

It’s a lot like how I spent a good amount of time already this weekend. Quality time with close friends, just sort of quietly enjoying not being at work, and lacking stress. You don’t need the Weatherlight for that.

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