Phyrexian Cancellation.

So…this happened.

Except for the fact that Hesh isn’t a specific person, this was a thing that happened on Tuesday.

Tuesday, by the way, was an empirically GOOD day of school. Class went well, and the day was pretty much exactly the kind of thing that you get involved in teaching to do. We were performing a teleplay in class, as a cold read, and the whole things was just hilarious. when kids are actively involved in literature, and having a good time at it…that’s kind of what you sign up for as an English teacher.

After school, there was a Faculty meeting on the schedule. Although there is supposed to be an Agenda posted, that agenda was sheer nonsense. Regardless of that, I went promptly to the meeting, as did my co-teacher, and the few other teachers that I am friends with.

Upon arrival, there was NO SIGN that a meeting was in fact about to take place. In fact, the opposite seemed to be the case.

Phone calls were made to the office, and eventually, it was confirmed that there would be no meeting. It had been silently cancelled, with no notification. This….is grating. There are all kinds of other things that I could have been doing with that time, which I tossed aside, because I had a mandatory Faculty meeting. They could have sent an e-mail, a robo call, a text message, or even made a P.A. announcement that no meeting would be taking place, but NONE of those things happened.

It’s irksome because the current principal fully expects all of us to be “cool” with those sorts of things when he “fumbles the ball,” but holds the teachers to a different standard. It doesn’t get to be every single way.

As it is, a Hesh-like underling of the Edu-Lords eventually told us the score, as it were, and sent us home. As Cap suggested, I had things to do anyway.

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