Lightning Distribution.

Ral Zarek is actually quoting Mark Twain…

…he’s not wrong, though.

We haven’t seen Ral in a while, since the Winter Break in fact. At that point, he was flirting with Cap in the Dragon Maze, and Niv Mizzet wasn’t too happy about it. It seems reasonable that Cap might be complaining to him, even tough he might actually be working for the Bad Guys these days.

What she is complaining about is very, very real.

That meeting that was cancelled on Tuesday? It has been rescheduled, with a real agenda, for Friday afternoon. The Friday before Spring Break. This announcement was sent by e-mail, and honestly, there was immediately some e-mail chain “push back” by teachers. It’s a time of year when everyone is tired, and a sudden, unexpected meeting like this is just…unwanted.

Needless to say, I’m pretty unhappy about it. On Friday afternoon, I just wanted to go home and start my much needed break. Now, I’ll be hanging around for another hour and a half, in meetings that could have been planned more efficiently. As has been the case lately, someone else’s poor planning is now my problem, and Ral Zarek isn’t around to distribute lightning more evenly in response.


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