Chibi Liliana Is Having Zero Nonsense Levels Today.

Liliana Vess is pretty sassy in the Adorable Zone…

After leaving school for the beginning of Spring Break, I wasn’t sure what to draw. The principal had us stay for a “meeting” twenty minutes of which was announcements that could have been in an e-mail. The part of it that we did need to do, the Mandated Training and Certification test, we started after about forty minutes of nonsense.

The training video and short quiz took about an hour.

Considering that I could have been doing other things, like securing my room and grading…so that I could just leave after being productive, I was pretty cranky. Added to that was an awkward moment where the principal wanted to talk to me about my plans for break, as if we were friends. He and I just don’t have that kind of relationship, so I pretty much said nothing.

Very awkward.

I thought about making that conversation the basic business of the post. When I reached into my pocket to get my pencil, I felt the cute little Liliana Vess Chibi keychain that I got at the Grand Prix Event, so I decided to draw her instead. Her sassy “I don’t think so” pose really speaks to how I feel about school, my job, and even thinking about it. For the week, at least.

It also really does affect my mood to draw things that are whimsical. Or sarcastic, for that matter. Perhaps it’s the other way around, that I draw what my mood is…but behavioral psychology suggests that you can change your mood by doing things that create a given mind set. That was the goal here.

Regardless of whether behavioral psychology has a good foundation, I’m pretty happy with Sassy Liliana as a drawing. I used as a reference this tiny @#$%ing keychain, and the “chibi” style is harder than it looks. If you get the proportions wrong, it just looks like you don’t know how to draw. If you get them right, it’s adorable.

No middle ground.

We have at least one more chibi coming up, because I’m a day ahead in drawing, and this was kind of fun to do.

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