Chibi Chandra Has Some Serious Issues…


Sure, this has the look and feel of the Adorable Zone. I accept that. It’s important to note that Chibi Chandra is crying with laughter because she just used her Mega-Fire Powers on some kind of bad guy in the distance. Who, of course, is on Mega-Fire.

It’s weird drawing “action” in this format. It sort of fits, and sort of doesn’t. Chibi Ajani (yesterday) worked a bit more organically because, well, cats are adorable, but their play IS how they practice just…doing in smaller animals. Making Chibi Ajani kitten like in behavior just allowed the “action” to flow.

Chibi Chandra…hmm, less so.

I think a portion of the weird issues that Chibi Chandra seems to have come from my basic ideas of problem solving. If something isn’t working well, or correctly, I’d rather just (metaphorically) burn that thing to the ground, and start over. Heck, even in building things, or drawing, sometimes you need to start over, and that’s an inherently destructive process.

In my life outside of school, I have one thing that is going in that direction, and I think that much like Chibi Chandra, I’ll be giddy with happiness once that thing is (metaphorically) burned to the ground, so that I can start over in another direction. I was certainly happy to draw the image, which implies a necessary catharsis in the future on that thing.

In theory, that’s going to happen soon, although probably not as entertainingly as in the illustration. Definitely not. This is why art exists…so that we can get out our weird impulses, our emotional nonsense, and create something good, or at least neat, with it.

That’s my heavy thought for the day, True Believers. Enjoy Chibi Chandra exploding that guy in the background.

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