Chibi Saheeli Likes Butterflies.

Her weird headgear was a hassle to draw.

So, I did actually play Commander yesterday. I won one game out of three, which is statistically way better than my entire Commander record previously. On that level, I suppose Chibi Saheeli should be as happy as she looks above.

Her hair, headgear, and dress were so @#$%ing complicated that I didn’t go for a background. Of the chibis for this week, she was easily the toughest to do, and get right. Weirdly, that magic butterfly wasn’t much of a hassle.

Also, the illustration mostly communicates how the Commander deck works. The point is to bring out Saheeli fast, and have her generate at least one 1/1 thopter token per turn. Although those can do damage to my opponent, they really make most of the rest of the deck cheaper to play, allowing me to draw more cards, and flood the board with little things. It’s…sort of a strategy.

Enough about that. I’m past the halfway point in Spring Break, and everyone keeps asking me about school. Honestly, it’s the last thing I want to think too much about.

It does leave the question, what to do with my remaining time off? What’s the best possible use of that limited time? I’m enjoying reading, and drawing, and just taking some quiet quality time. At school, quite literally every minute there is someone or something else that always, and usually immediately need my attention.

That’s not the case here, which is good. More than good. I’ve gotten more reading done this week than I’ve gotten done in the past two months, and I love reading. In fact, I’m off to do a bit more of that right now.

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