Sunday Bonus Post: Guest Artists Pete Venters!

“I guess it’s time to get back to work, Sunset…”

This is the last of the commissioned art that I set up at Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Los Angeles, done by Pete Venters, one of my favorite MTG artists. I e-mailed him well before the event, to plan things out and so forth, but the project hit some timing based snags. We squared away ath the event, and the gorgeous piece above arrived earlier this week, during Spring Break.

Pete Venters is an artist who has primarily done freelance work for Wizards of the Coast, starting in October of 1993. He has drawn the art for many Magic: The Gathering sets. He is also well known for his involvement within Wizards of the Coast to develop Magic’s Creative Department. As Continuity Manager from “Homelands” through “Exodus,” he was tasked to retain internal consistency of Dominaria. In this capacity, he created storylines, art descriptions, flavor text and card names.

In other words, he was a huge influence on the design of the game, visual and otherwise.

I like his work a whole lot because of it’s very “comic book” style of expression. Clearly, that sort of thing speaks directly to me and my tastes.

The art above is intentionally based on his artwork for “Recollect,” a card that he initially drew for the first Ravnica set. It was just currently reprinted in Core 2019, which is timely, because it’s a good card. When I was talking with him about the commission, I asked him to look over this site (stressful), and give Cap a kind of “planeswalker makeover.” Something in the style that he tended to do, using the sort of continuity points of costuming that he more or less engaged in Wizards’ creative department.

He chose to reference “Recollect,” with Sunset’s ethereal head in place of the original element, a skull. Let’s take a look:

“Recollect,” by Pete Venters.

Once again, the piece is gorgeous, well worth the wait.

I feel like it also captures a bit of my reluctance to go back to work, almost unintentionally. Obviously, since is was commissioned well before Spring Break. We read into art what we want to, True Believers, or at least what’s in our hearts at the moment.

Tomorrow…color! Be there!

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