Return To The Weatherlight!

They don’t seem too happy about heading back…

Cap and Sunset are at the helm of the Weatherlight, heading back to the Edu-Mountain. Cap seems mildly cranky about it, and Sunset more than a bit concerned. It was fun to color, and set the background and so forth, and yes, I definitely share their trepidation.

This week there is a grade report due, the fifteen week report. That one is important, because it acts as a kind of “final warning” about possibly not getting credit for the course. Today’s lesson is a follow up to a prior one about Goal Setting, with the idea of making students aware of what kind of control they have over their grades and their futures.

There’s also a Faculty Meeting this week, because we can’t have enough of those. That’s on Tuesday, and I haven’t yet been able to see an agenda for it. None of them are all that enlightening, although this has the virtue of not being able to be about WASC. Current meetings are now mostly about catching up to things that were dumped because of WASC.

All told, once I actually have some students in front of me, and begin to get things started, doing the part of the job that I honestly like, things should be okay. There’s just five weeks to go, and that’s honestly nothing at all.

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