Disembarking The Skyship.

Sometimes you need that “push” to get you where you want to go…

I was dreading going back in to school, but in the end, it was just fine. I immediately had students waiting for me, upon my arrival, and that made braving traffic, administrators, and upcoming report cards much easier to deal with.

It did need sort of a psychological “shove” as it were, to get things moving. My morning was pretty tough to get through in the house, being up way earlier than during my break, and generally being unhappy about it. I had coffee, put some gas in the car, and got myself on the road. Traffic was pretty crummy…I suppose the influx of people back on the road for school really disrupted things.

With all of that said, the day went pretty well. Most of the day I was attempting to put steps in order that would allow students to get their grades up before I need to deliver a report card, which will be on Friday morning. Realistically, that actually means Thursday before I leave work. So, there’s that.

The art, of course, has Cap and Liliana on the deck of the Weatherlight. Liliana’s magical shove is helpful, because she knows that Cap is nigh invulnerable, and she clearly needs to be pushed into doing what she has to. Sure, it’s not great to be tossed off of a moving skyship, but Cap can take the fall. Heck, since she can fly (badly), she doesn’t even need to hit the ground that fast.

It was fun to draw the prow of the Weatherlight in direct profile, making it only too clear that it CAN’T land on the ground. I can’t believe Mark Rosewater tried to sell the club (and me) on that point, but that’s a later post.

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