Time Enough At Last.

This…needs to be explained. More than usual.

That meeting on Tuesday…didn’t happen.

That was mildly surprising, actually, because meetings ALWAYS happen. Like, ALL the time. Sometimes without agendas (which is unkosher according to the contract), and sometimes without any real educational point. But, with all of those foolish things attached, they take place.

On Tuesday, we were all trying to determine if a meeting was going to actually happen. With no agenda, no one had any idea what it could be about, and furthermore, no one had even HEARD anything. Usually the department heads have some kind of idea or clue, or the Vice Principals.

I checked with two of the department heads, and one of the VPs, and no one knew anything. In fact, the VP had a fascinating tale of not knowing what it was about, when the Principal might come in, or whether it was going to take place…all about an HOUR before “go time.” They weren’t even sure if they should cancel it or postpone it, because no one had heard what it was even about.

Staff were pretty angry about all that. Heck, I was pretty angry about it. There were other important things that I could be getting done after school, and these sorts of shenanigans are a simple disrespect for the time that people need. In terms of things to do, there was a stack of late papers that could have my attention. It’s not like I was looking to just go home.

The thing is…the passive aggressive state of current leadership doesn’t make “criticism” okay. It’s met with a kind of mild but defensive rebuke, and usually some kind of thinly veiled threat with cheap catering afoot. That’s how Panels Two and Three came about, the idea that there might be some kind of “example” followed by veiled statements that were vaguely pointed, all around a dessert tray or two. The martini, the example of the roasted henchman, the cooler with a human skull in it…all subtle, thinly veiled, passive aggressive statements of menace.

That didn’t happen, though, because the meeting never happened at all. After school, there was a brief announcement that the meeting had been “postponed”…the second such meeting to be “postponed” in two weeks. On a real level that’s making a lot of grumbling start to happen, and a lot of confidence is being lost.

I, however, am currently up to date on my grading and ready for the report card to be submitted, due to the good use of the suddenly “found” hour of work.

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