Bad Baby Thanos! No Infinity Stones For You…!

Baby Thanos looks pretty cranky at not getting any Infinity Stones.

Today, “Avengers: Endgame” comes out. I’ll be seeing it (of course) but not for a week or so. I just can’t deal with crowds that large, and in truth, crowds are guaranteed to be of record proportions. If you add to that the idea that we pretty much know the broad strokes of the story, there’s not much that can really be “spoiled.”

With that said, I am going to avoiding spoilers, because the Marvel movies usually put a solid spin on existing material. That’s what makes them fun for me, and they can easily be ruined.

So no Infinity Stones for Baby Thanos. That’s fine, because Cap, Sunset, and Baby Thanos have another, very important mission for the weekend. It is Magic: The Gathering’s “War of the Spark” pre-release weekend. In many ways, it is the “Avengers: Endgame” of Magic. My students are completely psyched for it, going to a pre-release tournament near the school, and I pre-registered for the one near me over Spring Break. A big part of the reason I wanted my grade paperwork squared away over the week was so that it would be finished and not distracting me in any way when I crack open the pre-release box.

I’m about fifty pages into the novel of the “War of the Spark” plotline, and it is not “good literature.” It is a fun fantasy novel, which handles the plot questions of the story in a way that the cards can’t. I am apparently NOT reading quickly enough for the students in the club, who are exploding with questions.

It’s a good end to what was a weirdly hard week. My motivation is way better than it was on Monday, but a large portion of that is related to things happening outside of school, and how they intersect with my students in different ways. Interacting with students is the key to education, so I think that’s alright.

I passed a poster on campus explaining that there were only thirty (school) days left until graduation. Given the number of weeks left, that makes sense…but really, seeing it like that amazes me. It almost feels like the year just started.

I suppose that’s a good thing in itself.

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