Gideon, Guy That Won Me A Bunch Of Games.

The pre-release tournament for “War of the Spark” went super well. Thirty two entries, friendly crowd, and I even played very well. So did my buddy, and as a result we “prized out” at the end for a bunch more of the cards that the rest of the Magic playing world needs to wait until Friday to get for themselves.

I want to reiterate…we played VERY well.

So much so that when we cracked packs for our “prize winnings” (a LOT of packs) I drew the Dream Card that all of my students wanted. I will be gloating about that today.

However, when I cracked open the pre-release pack at the beginning, I drew “Samut, Tyrant Smasher” as my pre-release foil planeswalker, with “Blast Zone” as my other foil promo card. It was like a sign from on high to play Jund, even though that was impractical, so I immediately decided to do so. Each pack I cracked from the pre-release kit only solidified the choice to play an aggressive Jund build, which worked out just fine.

See Gideon in the art above? Yeah…he’s a mono white planeswalker, so I can’t play him in Jund at all. However, Gideon still won me games, because in black I drew three copies of “Unlikely Aid” which he is depicted on. More about that tomorrow, I think, because the art is awesome. Still, with Gideon being written out of the storyline with this set, and further, how many games he won for me (in @#$%ing Jund!), I felt that he deserved some love here.

Gideon’s specific magic power as a planeswalker is that he can be invulnerable, and generate an invulnerable shield to protect others. It think that makes him surprisingly well suited to be in some kind of relationship with Cap, because she can’t really hurt him at all when she’s mad.

This seemed like an appropriate send off for the big guy, as well as my love for how he save my bacon all tournament long.

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