The Batuu Hustle!

Like…close enough. It’s worth recounting.

Grad Night came and went. I gave the speech before we left (about what you CAN’T bring with you, about the TSA like security, and so forth) early in the morning. We were on the buses by eight AM, to provide a full, nearly 24 hours in both parks…because Grad Night ends at two AM.

I was the last one from my group to actually enter the park. I had collected all sorts of things that shouldn’t be on the students, and disposed of them. After getting through security, Sunset Shimmer and I were approached by a Disney Security Official.

“You’re one of the school’s chaperones?”

I answered “Yes,” of course, and he told me to wait. Moments later he brought a student from my school, that I had not met before Grad Night, and a drug sniffing dog.

“You’ll need to accompany us for a search. The dog smelled contraband on your student.”

Forty five minutes later, the student was ejected from the park, having lost his money for the ticket, without a ride home. In addition, he had a twenty four hour trespass complaint/alert, that rendered him unable to return. In case you are wondering, Disney has pretty advanced surveillance cams, so they WOULD get him. I found that out later.

At noon, my old friend and I needed to go to Tomorrow Land, to get our wristbands for Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land). The wristbands are “scanable,” and the whole situation has a lot of security attached. However, once it is done you immediately get to meet Chewbacca, and take a photo with him. So by this point, while dressed as Captain Marvel I got to do a drug bust with a drug dog, and then take a photo yelling with Chewbacca.

Pretty good so far.

Galaxy’s Edge was two hours later. You get assigned a time, and four hours inside, as a means of controlling the flow of guests, since it is still “reservation only.” So I went on rides with students and such, until my appointment. I had a little trouble finding the entrance point, but was guided by Disney staff.

I’m not going to do a full review of Galaxy’s Edge. The whole internet has done that already. Instead, I’m going to go into some odd bullet points here:

  • When you walk in, there’s a significant walk up with soft theme music.  It sets the tone well.
  • Then, you encounter two parked, full sized spacecraft, and A-Wing and an X-Wing.  Wookies are there.  It’s…impressive.
  • When you walk further, you get to the “outpost.”  That’s a place that is completely decked out like a janky Star Wars town, and EVERY Disney person is “in character.”  There is no money, there are “credits.”  Everyone greets you as an “outworlder,” and says “bright suns” instead of hello.
  • Because of my Captain Marvel jacket, some of the “cast” called me “Vers.”  Kind of awesomely fun.
  • Stormtroopers hassle people.  Usually Jedi or people that might seem like “Rebel Scum.”  Stormtroopers liked hassling me, which was fun.
  • The Millennium Falcon is full sized.  Parked in the spaceport.  Just…right there.  It is incredible.  Nothing makes the place as real as that does.
  • The Falcon ride is good.  Really good.  As a single rider, you get on FAST.  Less than five minutes for me.  I was the ship’s engineer.
  • The Cantina is fun, but crowded.  There is actual alcohol there.
  • Droid building is fun, but the Cast in there kind of lacks clarity about the process.  That being said, I made an Artoo unit that is red, and programmed it to be sad.  Seriously, you can put personality chips in it, right there, and I went with “Sad/Janky Droid.”  The droid itself is great.

Literally as I had decided I had done all that I could, about two and a half hours later, I got a call from one of the other chaperones.  There was a problem.

Thankfully, I was already leaving Galaxy’s Edge.  I had a good time, obviously.

The problem was that two of our students had managed to get into some VERY serious trouble with another guest, that was just an adult at Disney.  This escalated, and the students were in a huge amount of trouble.  Parents were contacted, people were ejected from the park, and Disney was starting to be unhappy with our group.

By the end of the day, Disney was pretty happy to see us go.  There were other “issues,” beside those two.  I think we are currently banned from next years’ Grad Night…

…and now, you understand the art for today.

An interesting end to an interesting year.

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