O Prius, Where Art Thou?

Cap had the good taste to get their luggage out of the flaming car, before hurling it into the ocean. That’s nice.

To answer a few questions that I got during the drawing process, I will go through a basic list, and then talk about the post.

  • Q: Why is the Prius on fire?  A: I have no idea, I just drew it that way.
  • Q: Are you sure that’s a Prius? It only kind of looks like a Prius…  A: Let’s see you draw a Prius, big shot.  Also, the Prius is pretty boring looking, so along the way I went more “old timey” about it.
  • Q: Isn’t it environmentally unsound to just throw a flaming Prius into the ocean?  A: Yes, it is, but she saved those two ladies and their luggage.
  • Q: Is Cap time traveling?  Why do those ladies look like they are from the fifties or forties?  A: I was drawing in a Starbucks, and one of the Baristas had “victory rolls.”  That influenced my whole design, because modern clothes are much less fun to draw.  If my Barista can look like that, then those two girls going on vacation can look like that.

Let’s also be fair…when I sat down to draw, I thought that from decades of reading comics, I would have a fair idea of what a Silver Age Super Hero chucking a Prius into the ocean should look like, art wise.  It turns out that I did NOT.  A whole lot of my time was spent on composition, on figuring out where things should go, how things should look.  The one handed toss, showing little effort, for one.  The arc of the trajectory, the splash…then the, “why is this thing going into the ocean?”  Why isn’t it fixable?

All told, I am happy with it.

Now…why did I sit down after a day off from drawing, with it in my mind that I needed to draw Cap hurling a flaming Prius into the Pacific Ocean?  Good question.  A friend of mine drives a 2007 Prius, and it pretty much stopped working entirely.  As a result, we had to devise a way to get rid of the Prius in question, without incurring any costs, and possibly making a small amount of money.  The amount of money is in fact so small, that it seems like just dropping it in the Pacific would be just as well.

At the very least, getting rid of it is incurring no new costs.  Which is just fine, given my friend’s overall situation.

Obviously, we are into summer posts now, which are always pretty @#$%ing random, and often based on the random things that happen to me.  It’s stressful to me in some ways, because often I don’t have something to draw, because not much has happened.  Other times, I am creatively on fire, like the Prius.

So fasten your seat belts, True Believers!  That is, unless you are in a Prius that is already on fire.  Then unfasten your seat belts, and get out of the car.


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