Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Black Cat No. 1, With Fitness Advice!

She’s right, you know.

Marvel put out a Black Cat No. 1, with a sketch cover, earlier this month. I’ve always liked the Black Cat, who when I first encountered her in comics was Spider-Man’s partner, back in the eighties. The character is usually pretty fun, having a “vibe” in the books similar to “The Saint,” in that she is a high level cat burglar that usually winds up doing the right thing, if only by accident. She fit well in the ensemble cast of Spider-man, as a person that could keep up with him AS Spider-Man, and actually knew his identity.

Obviously, that relationship didn’t work out, with the two characters going separate ways. The Mary Jane relationship won out over the long run, and that’s that.

The cover was fun to draw though, and I was pretty excited about drawing on it, despite the giant backlog of blank sketch covers that I have. Obviously, the speech balloons were imported digitally after the scan…I honestly HATE lettering manually.

The text is pretty important though. You see, Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat) is one of those super people with no real powers (at one point, she could kind of cause bad luck, but other than that, just a mega athlete). Also…the entire Spider-Man cast has gotten older…Peter has graduate degrees, MJ has a career, you see where this is going. So, Felicia, even being an Olympic class athlete, would still need to make sure she took care of herself by warming up.

I went to the fencing club last night, and can only say that Felicia Hardy is full of good advice. I’m glad that I stretched and warmed up because I am NOT in my twenties anymore, and am definitely feeling the exertion today. It has been nice getting back to the club on a regular basis, but I am most definitely feeling the added years.

This week (starting with yesterday’s post) I am running a “stealth theme” in the artwork to be revealed at the end of the week! Fun, right? A No-Prize to anyone who gets it.


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