Brave And The Bold: Batwoman’s Grand Slam!

Cap does not hover well…

I think next to landing, that would be the hardest part of flying. You’d need to maintain a kind of balance of whatever forces keep you in the air in the first place. Crashing through things like Cap does all time now…that’s just moving in a straight line and not stopping. That inefficient, awkward three point landing she has been doing the past couple of weeks is just stopping really fast, by hitting the ground…and she messes up the ground when she does it.

Hovering…that’s staying in the same place, in the air. Wind, gravity, the earth’s rotation…balancing all of that. That’s an expert level move. With Cap’s unsteady posture and wobble lines, she is clearly NOT an expert.

What’s going on here? Good question. With Core 2020 coming out for Magic, Cap needs to finish all that clean up on Ravnica. That guy looks pretty tough, and undoubtedly has some A-list magical powers. The goal here with this composition though was to practice three point perspective, cross hatching, and to attempt to draw in the style of Terry Dodson a bit. I like Terry Dodson a whole lot.

The background perspective and hatchwork went well, but Terry Dodson’s linework continues to elude me. C’est le vie…I very much like the piece For the complexity of it, it came together pretty quickly.

I was thinking about being a little political, but the only nod toward that was the inclusion of DC Bombshells’ Batwoman. Batwoman is a Jewish lesbian baseball player, and does not take kindly to bigotry or fascists. She also doesn’t wait around for anyone with super powers to take care of things. She just grabs a bat and starts swinging. That’s about as political as I was willing to be in the strip today.

However, it does lead to Cap’s sentiment. She thought they were having a team-up. Considering the way Kate is swinging that bat around, it doesn’t look like she needs any kind of team up assistance.

It is baseball season, True Believers, and Summer is the time where I get to be odd and experimental with the strip. I hope that you all enjoyed today’s pin-up style piece!

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