New Companions!

Clearly, it is summer.

The other day, I got a package in the mail from a firm called “Budsies.” They are a company that takes a drawing that you send them, and turns it into a custom plush toy. This is pretty important to keep in mind.

They have a sister company that makes smaller plush toys, in bulk amounts. That’s the firm that I contacted with the principal, in order to make a plush version of our school’s mascot, a Greek warrior. I drew out the design in chibi form, we had a number of bizarre discussions about coloration for the mascot, and when I left the discussions, the principal had requested a prototype. At the same time, the vice principal and the principal were discussing ordering a whopping five hundred units.

Feeling that I wanted to be supportive of running with this project, I went to the company’s individual custom plush arm, and sent them a design for a school spirit, mascot style pony. I get a new pony every school year now, so this seemed like a fair thing to do. It also seemed like a cool way to express that I appreciated running with the plush mascot project.

So, last week the Greek armor and helmet wearing pony arrived in the mail. It’s pretty cool.

Because of the way that I drew the artwork, with the pony smiling with an open mouth, they constructed the nose with a more beak like design, making me think of Beta Ray Bill, depicted above. The scale of the pony was set to the mascot, so in theory, the mascot can ride the pony…hence, today’s artwork.

Beta Ray Pony is all right…and that’s pretty much all that today’s post is about. Once again, it’s summer.

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