Over The Sea.

Seriously…she has a point there.

I’d be pretty mad too, if I knew a guy that had ONE job…protect Atlantis…and all of a sudden, aliens are @#$%ing stealing the whole city, and now I had to deal with it.

I’m not sure how Cap solves this problem, either. Sure….she can probably bench press Atlantis, but she has to put the thing back in the ocean without breaking it, right? She can easily smash up the city stealing alien ship, cutting the tractor beam…but then the city of Atlantis goes into free fall, which can’t possibly be good for it either. Even if she does catch it, or rip it free somehow…Cap’s poor landing skills make the idea of safely returning Atlantis to the ocean pretty tough.

Still…she has a chance here. What’s Aquaman going to do, summon a whale or two? Even a whole POD of whales is stuck in the ocean, with at best a “Free Willy Jump,” to kind of make an effort to get to the city. Nope. No chance there.

Couldn’t he have done something when the ship was clearly IN THE OCEAN? I suppose not really, since again…he talks to sea life. That’s his thing. If you have a spaceship that can travel interplanetary distances faster than light, and a tractor beam strong enough to haul off a city, a bunch of whales slamming into your hull doesn’t matter too much. Atlantis is supposed to be advanced, though, so maybe some fancy Atlantean Rambos could have been scrambled? That is literally Aquaman’s job.

Whatever. This was more an exercise in scale and perspective than anything else….I’ve been working on that a lot for the last week or so. You can assume that it will somehow get put back in place, because half of the Justice League appears to be on the job.

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