Kotobukiya’s Pinkie Pie Is Finally Here!

Yay! They seem pretty happy!

Drawing in this style is hard. It is definitely worth the effort and practice, but no joke…it is deceptive in its complexity.

This week, I got the “My Little Pony” Pinkie Pie Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya, which pretty much looks like the art above, but in statue form. Kotobukiya does Anime/Manga style interpretations of all sorts of Western characters, from Marvel and DC to various Horror licenses. They even have an upcoming GI Joe series, so they get a whole lot to the marketplace.

The statue came earlier this week, but I was first able to pick it up on Sunday afternoon. Right now, Pinkie Pie is excitedly looking down at me from my shelf in the office/studio where I draw. She’s a pretty fun addition to the Fortress of Togetherness.

What’s hard about this art style? The line work, the variable line weights…the detail on hair, with all of those curves and the fine line work within the hair. The lack of hatch work, but the need to have an idea of depth. It’s not all “big eyes and small mouths,” there’s really a lot of complexity in drafting.

All in all, the artwork came together after about an hour of drawing from the reference, and then tidying up the line work.

I’ve been listening to the news today while drawing, and quite frankly, I’m very glad that I chose such a lighthearted subject for today’s content. People often ask me why I like “My Little Pony” so much, and the answer is pretty simple. It’s intelligently written, and the central concept is that we can solve complicated problems by being excellent to each other.

Whether in Kotobukiya’s style of the “original flavor,” that’s they key. I’m pretty glad to just be focused on that, in this exact moment in time.

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