The Dog Days Of Summer.

I think he heard a hipster on a Bird Scooter go by…

Training a new puppy is hard.

Thankfully, the one that I have isn’t as rambunctious as the giant dog above, Doggo. My new dog is very young though, so he’s just…not smart. As a saving grace, he’s very friendly. I know that everyone says that their dog is adorable, and very friendly, and it’s a load of crap. I’m not that much of a “dog person,” so I can say pretty fairly that he’s a friendly animal. My theory is that he’s not smart enough to be unfriendly.

It also makes him not scared of anything. Bird Scooters, bicycles, skateboards, other dogs…nope. He just kind of looks at them, confused, and then goes about his business.

After two weeks we got the idea of “sit” into his brain. It was a pretty big effort, involving obedience school, treats, and pretty much teaching him how his legs are supposed to go. Now that he can do it, that’s useful. He’ll come when you call him…that’s useful too. If we can get “chill the @#$% out, bro!” down, I’d be pretty happy. Most importantly, I’d like it if he gained some kind of consistency about where to “do his business.” That learning curve is taking ages.

I might not be cleaning up broken walls, fences and windows due to some kind of Pym Particle mishap, but I am cleaning up a whole lot. I think I’d rather have Cap’s problem, although it would be a chore to clean up all of that stuff.

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