Just One Moment Of Peace And Quiet…

All she wants is to have that soup, and some sushi, in peace.

I guess once you take up the cardboard tube, and follow the Way, there are always guys gunning for you. That’s the premise here. Granted, Cap is nigh invulnerable, so those swords really don’t matter to her, no matter how sharp they are. I guess they could cut her jacket or her t-shirt. That would be uncool.

This was fun to draw…I was looking for something loose, something with the feeling of action, and with a multipanel narrative. I’ve been doing a whole lot of experimental one panel compositions, and it seemed past due to have a multipanel page again. I also like the feeling, or implication of action, without really very much of it happening yet. It leaves a lot to the reader (or viewer, I suppose). Early Wolverine appearances in the X-Men had a lot of that going for them. Wolverine would be involved in the set up for a fight, but we wouldn’t see the fight.

The Comics Code was the restrictor there…since you couldn’t really illustrate the violence of him cutting open his enemies with his adamantium razor hands. It also gave a really excellent storytelling conceit. You had no idea what he actually did, but you knew that those guys were done for.

Kind of the same thing is going on here. Those guys are clearly preparing to attack, and we have some clear ideas about what’s going to happen, but it’s not right there. That kind of expectation without illustration creates a nice narrative tension.

Weirdly, this is also in part about my real intent to actually have sushi today. For the past few weeks other dining choices have been made, and they have worked out pretty poorly. One place, the Maple Block, didn’t even want to seat and serve my friends and I, which was…odd. Like, beyond odd. A place that we like, the Humble Potato, proved to be riddled with Hipsters who were in the process of ignoring their kids, who in turn were running around like lunatics.

Seriously…if I ran my classroom the way that they parented at a restaurant, I’d be in serious trouble. It wasn’t just one family, either. Clearly three families came out, with their kids, and just kind of let their kids run around yelling. It was…unpleasant.

So the goal here is to go to our favorite sushi place. A place where the staff likes us, and we can just have a nice time. That’s the goal.

So why the big scary rogue samurai sneaking up angrily in the art? Any number of things can be a metaphorical rogue samurai.

The key concern here is actually the group itself. Sometimes, with the best of intentions, there’s a lot of drama brought to the table, and that is always something that sneaks up, unexpectedly. I am more than half expecting that to happen today, and hence, the art.

I imagine that Cap would have checked her cardboard tube at the door, or have it sort of stowed on the side of the table. Just saying.

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