It’s Gonna Go Down To The Wire…!

Those mafia men were not prepared for cardboard tube based justice!

The title of today’s post is a lyric from a Traveling Wilburys song, “Tweeter and the Monkey Man,” which is about organized crime. It seemed appropriate to the art for the day.

Who knows what happened at the sushi place yesterday? It’s not narratively important! What is important is the serving up of serious cardboard tube based justice.

I’m very fond of things that are sadly out of date. So when it came to mind that Cap should be flying through thick iron doors, blowing them off their hinges to fight some guys, Old School Mafia Men immediately sprung to mind. A big part of the art today is them getting knocked around, as well as Cap’s radical foreshortening flight perspective.

The sheer amount of destruction that she is causing just bursting through those thick steel doors was satisfying to try and illustrate. I don’t know who specifically she is threatening with that tube, but it might be the guy spitting out his cigar. Seems possible.

This was mostly about postures and perspective, more than anything else. In terms of “plot,” Cap coming after a group of Mafia Men (organized crooks of some sort) might be a clear attempt at listening to Tamiyo’s admonition about not being “just another tube fighter) from a couple of days ago. Sure…that makes sense.

Drawing realistic guns is hard. I almost want to cut Rob Liefeld some slack here…sure, he draws “guns” that are random tubes or sci-fi toast shooting devices…but possibly because drawing actual guns is @#$%ing hard. I’m very happy with how all of this came out, despite the fact that Cap could not care less about guns. She’s nigh invulnerable.

I never really thought about what the Mafia Men here might be actually doing. Sure it’s bad, and it’s crime, but it didn’t seem that important to the story of the image. As a result, I never really worked it out.

It’s not that important at all, really, because Cap has clearly stopped all of the crime things that their syndicate was doing. That’s my story for the day, and I’m sticking to it.

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