Live By The Tube…

The skull guy with the hammer is on Cap’s side.

It seems amazing to me that the big dragon serpent is sneaking up on them, but I imagine that fight is making a hell of a racket. I mean, Cap is knocking a dude’s hand off by smacking it with a cardboard tube, so you’d think that would make a big sound on its own. There has to be a lot of general clanking, shouting, huffing and puffing, I think.

I felt like Cap should have two cardboard tubes, even though it’s not really any more efficient. It’s not like she knows how to fight very well, she’s just so stupidly super strong and invulnerable that she can kind of just carry on like she does, and things work out. I was trying for some kind of contrast here…where she has shown up with a couple of cardboard tubes, in her street clothes. Everyone else looks like a holdout from Asgard or a kung-fu movie, bringing a feeling of real expertise and battle hardened skill.

Character design is always a hard thing. I don’t love it, especially when there need to be a whole lot of expendable generic guys. This week has had a whole lot of that. The bad guys have to look cool, and look competent, but I don’t want to spend any real time doing character designs and turnaround sketches for “extras” that we will never see again. Even SkullHead Guy, who looks @#$%ing cool, is not likely to have another appearance.

I also felt like drawing a pony, so I drew this:

Just line art. Nothing fancy except the hair.

Sometimes, I just want to draw a pony. Nothing complicated, really. It’s as challenging in its own way to get that sort of “house style,” that sort of simple line work down, as it is to do a crowded composition like the one at the top of the post.

Today, I’m leaving Los Angeles. Not forever, I actually rather like LA, but for a couple of days. I’ll probably draw while I’m away (in Central California), but I won’t be doing a post for tomorrow. Posting while I’m away is often a huge hassle…it’s just far easier to wait until Sunday evening or Monday.

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