Some Days Are Just Like That…

No one expects a giant robot to be that full of different kinds of oil and goop.

Probably a pretty short post today. I spent Friday being pretty frustrated and angry, and this sketch is the sort of “tone poem” that came about toward the end of Friday, in response. I didn’t draw until the end of Friday because a bunch of stress from all of that frustration had given me the beginnings of a migraine. Friday night, this came about.

Bear with me for this paragraph, okay? I downloaded a game to my phone, which is pretty unusual…I don’t put games on my phones. This one seemed designed for me to like, called “Super Mecha Champions.” The idea is a massive, competitive hunger games style free for all, with a hundred players in an increasingly small area. You air drop in, and have an anime styled character. after a while, you can just summon your mecha, which is Voltron like things that scales up the competition, but obviously lacks stealth.

It’s fun, and very much has me thinking about giant robot battles. As well as regular sized people fighting giant robots, which you sometimes have to do in that game.

Honestly, a giant robot would have to have a large amount of gear fluids, oil, and hydraulic fluids to operate. Probably not as much of them as suggested by my illustration, but I’m honestly not that practiced in drawing “droplets” and fluids, so it may have gotten out of hand. Cap is definitely going to need a shower here.

Mechs and robots are surprisingly NOT hard to draw…except that shattering parts always are tough. Adding to that Cap’s radical forced perspective, crashing through the mech’s metal abdomen in a shower of different hydraulic fluids, and there was a lot of practice here.

It was brought o my attention (again) that Cap isn’t good at flying. That came up with the question, “Wouldn’t that be a bad strategy, if you aren’t good at flying?” I’m actively answering that with a “no” here. We judge a good driver or a good pilot by their ability to avoid obstacles and generally reckless and dangerous situations. By that logic, Cap, a bad flier, should be easily able to do something reckless and dangerous, as well as slam into obstacles. It’s in the definition.

Also in fairness, she is zooming behind him in a long arc from on high, probably at embarrassingly fast speeds. It’s not like the robot could dodge the hit.

It was relaxing, and mildly cathartic to wreck that giant robot, at least in art form.

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