Fetch, Doggo, Fetch!

It’s unclear to me which of those boulders Doggo is supposed to bring back to her.

In fairness, my new dog does not fetch. That’s too advanced an idea.

We did go to obedience school the other night, and the other dogs were #$%&ing bat@#$% crazy. My own dog tended to focus on me when I told him to, and listened. It made me realize that although he has many frustrating behaviors, there has been a big change over the summer…heck, over the last month.

At this point he’s mostly house broken, and tends to sit when I tell him to. Between that, and knowing his own name, he’s a pretty controllable dog. That was the goal, so that’s good. We’re going to continue with obedience school, to improve on these gains.

Dogs are tough to draw, flying dogs are even harder to draw. Also, the throwing posture for Cap was a challenge, I wanted it to be dynamic and a feeling of flow, while also being flying. Hopefully, they are doing this game of fetch in space, otherwise there will be serious property damage.

The content train for the end of summer is on the move, since I spent yesterday planning the segment! So I’m pretty excited about all of that! So stop by for the end of summer plotline, it is shaping up to be pretty weird.

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