Nobody Walks In L.A.—!

I’m pretty frustrated with transportation issues…

That’s pretty much what this is all about. Transportation in Los Angeles is always sort of a dodgy proposition even at the best of times, so there’s not much more that can be added to that. I’m mildly frustrated with it, or maybe more than mildly, given the illustration.

This comes about because soon enough…Monday, in fact, I go back to school for my “pupil free” day. There are no students, a bunch of organizational meetings, and some time to get set up for Day One (the next day) with students. I don’t have a whole lot to say about that right now, so lets look at the art a bit.

It’s pretty hard to conceive of what a brutish, ogre like man monster hurling a car at a super hero would look like. I feel like I should have a better feel for that, being an avid comic reader, but it’s tough. Eagle eyed viewers will note that there are people in the car…they had best be wearing their @#$%ing seatbelts.

Even if you can take a car being super thrown at you like Cap can, it would probably be pretty annoying. It’s still a super strong dude hurling about a ton of steel and glass at you. About a literal ton. Plus, you know that there’s going to be oil and engine fluids pretty much everywhere.

For those of you that are like, “Why is Cap punching the car instead of catching it, you know, because there are people inside?” the physics of the situation is pretty important. If she catches it, it’s going to come to a very sudden stop, which is the bad part of a car crash. The part that harms the passengers. If she smacks it, the impact with her nigh invulnerable, super strong fist is going to be more like hitting a speed bump than coming to a complete stuff. There will be a rough jolt in the car, and another when the car hits her, but the stops won’t be as sudden, and thus as painful or lethal.

She’s thinking things out, unlike California drivers.

If she were to throw it back…that would be a pretty @#$% move. Just saying. Thankfully, she has all those bricks from battle damage and construction near the fortress…she can just throw them. Really hard.

This was all about drawing vehicles, and action, and real perspective. The Summer is ending for me, so I wanted one more seriously ambitious composition.

Is that guy an Alien, a Frankenstein’s Monster, A Demon, or a Gamma Ray Mutant? I don’t know…my ideas changed as I drew him. You decide, True Believers!

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