An Early Morning Trip To The Edu-Mountain…!

In fairness to Cap, she is used to traveling in a spaceship…

Today, at around six thirty in the morning, I will do my first commute in. Or will have done, depending upon when you read this. My own car is still in the shop, over a minor issue that is taking way too long, so I’ll be borrowing a car today.

This is one of the so called “pupil free” days. Well…it won’t have students, so that’s accurate. It’s a day where the staff has a series of meetings, setting up the basic organization of Day One, as well as certain new policies. After that, teachers pick up their laptops from the media center, and then set up their classrooms for the new year. Many teachers do an impressive first day set up…for myself, I just kind of move in, and let things come together more gradually.

I do have a new pony that is coming with me, although it might not actually make it to the status of the pony that I haul around all year. That’s dependent upon whether we actually ordered plush mascots from the company that made this unique pony, or not. I feel like that project needs to have come to fruition for me to engage in a daily expression of school spirit.

This is not a very long post, because honestly, nothing has happened yet. I’m just hoping for an easy commute, and quick set up. simple things.

Drawing the “Mad Max” style car in Panel Two was fun though. I’ve really been working on my depiction of vehicles, and it seems to be paying off. It seems like I would actually want a Mad Max car in Los Angeles, given the state of LA traffic. I’ll obviously have more to report on that in a later post.

This is the start of my twenty first school year, so except for the commute, pretty much the whole “pupil free day” thing is on autopilot. Heck…”pupil free” doesn’t even get capital letters from me.

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