An Exercise In Patience.

With a report card approaching, business is as usual.

Monday was a massive grading explosion with the students. I spent some time in class doing a presentation on the developmental paragraphs of expository papers, and then called students up for “grade consults” just prior to report card generation. My co-teacher ran the basics of class, while I went over with students (individually) precisely what their grades were at the moment, and what they needed to do to change them before the report card happened.

Report cards are due from teachers on Friday, so this gave the students some time to make changes, if they wanted to do so. I feel like it is the fair way to go.

During my conference period, I attempted to start entering some of the more “static” grades into the report card system, which is actually a different system than my online grade book. That’s just the district in its infinite wisdom at work, having two systems that do the same thing, which in turn need to speak with one another. My online grade book will calculate grades just fine, and is doing so very accurately. That’s good. However, the “mark reporting system,” which is necessary to actually generate a report card, is down for scheduled updates and servicing until ten PM tonight. Tuesday night.

So, to be clear…the district scheduled updates that would cripple the report card generation DURING the report card grade submission week. If that sounds frustrating, then…you’ve got the gist of it.

In addition, with my students scrambling to get in assignments that they have been a bit lazy about, we have a shortened day today. Making classes shorter, of course. If those meetings were super important, that would be one thing…but there is actually no agenda for these meetings at all. It is time that I could be using to grade papers, or organize my classroom, that will be thrown away on some sort of last minute proceedings.

That’s why Gideon looks so put out.

It always kind of frosts me when adult issues, and policy issues, get in the way of the actual reason that we are there in the first place, student achievement. There’s not a whole lot to be done about it, save trying to just accept the time limitations and operate withing them.

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