Ursine Suplex.

Thank you, Mark Rosewater.

Tuesday was not a fantastic day. This sketch is more or less about my feelings as the day went on, drawn in the evening as the day went to its inevitable close.

The best part of my day was in the spoilers for the new Magic: The Gathering set. That spoiler release involved cards that will be in the new release (obviously) due at the end of the month. One of those cards, was simply named “Bear Suplex,” and had art of a warrior of some kind suplexing a bear. Maybe he’s a knight. I’m not sure.

Feel free to Google it.

I want to make clear…drawing a suplex of any kind is @#$%ing hard. There is NOT a whole lot of reference for people suplexing @#$%ing bears, so that makes it even harder.

I was pretty frustrated at the end of Wednesday, so this just sort of made sense to put effort into. I enjoyed drawing it, and it came together as a sketch weirdly quickly. I’m not sure what that implies in terms of overall psychology, that it came together fast, but I’m also not questioning it.

Obviously, when the new set drops, I will be building around Bear Suplex, and Flaxen Intruder. That goes without question of any kind.

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