Career Choices.

She’s even got a hoodie for the whole thing! Cap is very excited about this prospect…

It’s an important thing to note here that really, I am feeling a bit…less than motivated about school right now. Hence Cap’s suggestion of a career change to Gideon…she’s thinking about a change, because I’m thinking about a change. Gideon is much more reasonable, hence his reaction of shock at the suggestion of quitting their jobs to just go fight bears.

The thing is…if I did change my line of work, I don’t have any idea what I would do. Bear fightin’ is just a good a suggestion as any, given the amount of thought that I have put into it. I do know that I won’t continue to teach past the point where I’m not doing a good job on site. The important point is to do the job well, or not do it at all.

Despite feeling a bit down in motivation (mostly because of a lack of communication and organization from administration), I’m not yet in a position where I’m giving less than my best. My students are struggling a bit with understanding the idea of giving one hundred percent, but I think that is more because earlier teachers have let them “skate by” with much less. They are responding well to my encouragement and project based plans, so really, in class things are going pretty well.

It’s all of the other stuff that has me feeling that maybe it is time for some bear fightin’.

In fairness, all day long my students from the Magic: The Gathering Club and I were talking about suplexing bears, because that will be a real card in about two weeks. Thank you again, Mark Rosewater. You might not know anything about landing the @#$%ing skyship Weatherlight, but you did the entire game a solid with Bear Suplex.

So clearly…bear fightin’ is on my mind.

Also…a very close friend recently introduced me to an anime and manga called “Girls Und Panzer,” which is too hard to explain here. One of the characters has a very patched and beaten up teddy bear, and a set of pajamas that are patched and beaten up in the same way. I wanted to draw in a more manga-esque style, and really wanted to draw the hoodie/pajama thing, so we got Panel One. I had to add the holes for Cap’s ears, of course.

Thinking about bear fightin’ improves any day. I strongly advise it, even if Gideon P. Jura (the “P” is for Pony) is troubled by the whole thing. Gideon is a pretty concerned pony, overall.

‘Nuff Said, True Believers.

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