Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are.

Sometimes, you just have to shoot a magic laser at a giant after you hit it with a Ford Aerostar.

This two panel sketch is more about attempting composition in different ways, and also expressing my frustration with the past week or so. Clearly, Cap is dealing with a large, super strong problem with that Asgardian Frost Giant in Panel One, but a look in the rear view mirror shows a bunch of Asgardian Dark Elves, which are a hassle to deal with as well. You handle a Big Problem, and then suddenly you see a crowd of other problems on the way.

It’s a pretty heavy handed metaphor.

The first report card is out of the way, dispatched as easily as a Frost Giant. It was a big problem, but once addressed, pretty simple to deal with, really. Commuting still remains a challenge, hence the Ford Aerostar, and all of the problems clearly related to nonsense in the street. A huge number of assignments came into my main often mailbox, as late work, which is great…although none of it was in time for the report card, and I have a massive stack of grading to do. That’s a new thing, but although a bit inconvenient, also kind of a good thing. I mean, the grades are going to improve, which is what I want.

Not a whole lot to comment on here today. Once again…it is kind of an action tone piece about frustration, and multiplying day to day problems. I’m assuming that Cap charged that Silver Age Strength Magic Laser at Urza’s Power Plant, since that would be totally in line with two Magic decks I played at lunch this week.

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