The Best Laid Plans…

Niv Mizzet does not seem happy with Cap and Therapy Clown…

Initially, I drew this thinking about how sometimes we have a plan and it goes awry. That was it.

Today…Monday, I was supposed to have a whole new homeroom class. This year my homeroom was changed, because apparently we are no longer “looping” with students until they graduate. I suppose that’s fine, although it completely destroyed the groundwork that I laid last year with my homeroom.

This year, I noted that I had a significant number of students who had strangely low skills in English, and were Spanish speakers at home. It turns out that these students had not had a real ELD (English Language Development, or English as a Second Language) teacher for about TWO YEARS. I immediately suggested (after making a list of appropriate students) that we disband my homeroom, and reconstitute it as an ESL style course, to help those students make up time.

The Title III coordinator, who managed ESL style concerns, was IN. She thought it was a solid, student centered idea, and pushed hard to make it happen. I suggested this three weeks ago.

On Friday, that person met with me and said that we were “go” for the plan. I was excited about it.

As of this writing, my homeroom roster has not been changed. It stands as the roster that it was before having all of these meetings, and doing all of this planning. I am frustrated, but also like someone that has an elder Dragon sneaking up on them, @#$%ing confused.

The goal here, for me, was to take on MORE work to have a student centered positive outcome. Our admin, the Edu-Lords, constantly say that this is what they are about. However, somehow, this isn’t something that we can make happen in a timely fashion.

Literally every second these students don’t have additional ESL support, they are more @#$%ed. It makes me angry that this change hasn’t been made, and really contributes to my burnout with the educational system.

If we aren’t here to improve students’ lives, and make things easier for them, why are we teaching at all? Furthermore, if administration isn’t going to make positive academic changes to support struggling students, why would I continue to want to work for that system?

It is a bit of a crisis for me, right now.

More to come, True Believers. Be sure of it.

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